TSTRIPE 1 Level (29°C-34°C), Pack of 50

Dimensions: 12 x 13mm
Type: 1 temperature level, self-adhesive
This non-reversible temperature sensitive label is available with one temperature level from the following selection:
29 - 33 - 34 °C
84 - 91 - 93 °F
Packaging unit: Pack of 50 units

Please enter the desired temperature level for this item in the message box before completing the order process.

Please take notice of our minimum order quantity of 5 packs per temperature level.

Also, please note that temperature indicating labels with levels below 50°C need to be shipped in an EPS shipping box from April to September for an additional charge of 15,00 €. This shipping container prevents the labels from prematurely changing colour due to high temperatures during transport. Please add the item "EPS Shipping Box" to your cart in order to ensure receiving your shipment in sound condition.

20.85 EUR

excl. VAT, plus Shipping

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EPS Shipping Box
EPS foam shipping container for temperature indicating labels with temperature levels below 50°. Prevents premature colour change.

15.00 EUR