TR351 Radiation Shield

About the product:

Radiation shields are used to protect sensors from precipitation and solar radiation during outdoor use, hence ensuring reliable temperature and relative humidity measure-ments in the field. The purposebuilt discs provide optimal circulation of air and minimise self-heating. The TR351 is ideally suited for use with temperature sensors or combined humidity and temperature probes such as the DKRF400 and DKRF67X as well as with our ruggedPlus data loggers, e. g. the DK323 HumiBaroLog for rel. humidity, temperature & barometric pressure.

The discs are made from UV-stabilised plastics which makes the TR351 extremely robust and weatherproof. The shield‘s particular shape prevents the reflected long-wave solar radiation from reaching the sensor.

For easy installation we offer suitable accessories, e.g. brackets for mounting on a pole head (-OM), on flat surfaces such as walls (-WM) and on vertical poles (-EL2).

TR351 and DK HumiLog ruggedPlus data logger, with Z bracket for installation on a pole top Angle bracket (WM) for mounting on plain surfaces such as walls