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Robust, Versatile Data Logger for Outdoor Use

The DK8040 is a robust and flexible stationary data logger for measuring climate parameters. The inputs can be configured for voltage signals and special sensors such as PT100 temperature probes, soil moisture and humidity sensors or condensation detectors. In additon, connection of sensors for rainfall and solar radiation is also possible. The logger comes in a robust, IP65 splash water protected housing which allows for measurements even under rough conditions, e. g. in the rain or snowfall.

Flexible Data Logging

The loggers are battery powered and save the measured values on a memory card. The memory cards have a memory capacity of up to 32 million readings ensuring
data logging for many months without interruption.
The interval for storing the measured values can be user-selected between 2 seconds and 24 hours.
In addition, it is possible to start a new series of measurements at the push of a button, which is helpful when changing the site.

Every probe is connected by a 3m cable by default which can be extended to a length of 100m if necessary.
This way areas of a 200m diameter can be covered with only one data logger.


  • Water balance studies
  • Seepage water studies
  • Surface monitoring, e. g. aggradation, dumpung grounds for hazmat
  • Surface and waste water management
  • Irrigation control