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Driesen+Kern GmbH offers a wide range of data logger for many applications. Starting from one channel temperature data loggers to multichannel data logger with up to 16 flexible sensor inputs.
With a number of integrated sensors, state-of-the-art accuracy and resolution, long battery life and large memory options, these data loggers may be used in manifold applications in research, development and industrial applications.

Data Logger DCXP Multi-channel data logger for long-term measurements. combines flexible connection with high resolution and accuracy thus making it the perfect choice for various applications.

RuggedPlus series of dataloggers Select from a wide range of dataloggers with internal sensors as well as flexible inputs for probes and electrical signals. Models with built in sensors for humidity, temperature, light, CO2, barometric pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure. Signals for Voltage, current, PT100/PT1000, Thermocouple, strain gauges and more.

Datalogger for voltage current and more Datalogger "rugged plus" - with two inputs for electrical signals i.e. voltage, current, resistance, pulse count, PT100, PT1000, Strain gauge etc.

Datalogger for strain gauge and ELV "MultiLog rugged plus" DK337 Datalogger Strain gauge and ELV. 20 bit resolution!

Versatile datalogger with flexible inputs Data Logger with built-in sensors for humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, differential pressure, light. Comes with additional inputs and LCD.

Robust, Versatile Data Logger for Outdoor Use The data logger model DK8040 is a robust and flexible logger with up to 10 channels. Each channel can be configured separately for soil moisture, temperature, humidity, voltage/current, condensation and radiation as well as various analogue signals.

Barometric pressure logger Datalogger with integrated sensors for barometric pressure, temperature, humidity. Versions with/without display and additional input for external probes.

Data Loggers for Pressure & Temperature Robust Data Logger for water and gas pipes. Perfect choice for leak testing and pipe network monitoring

Differential Pressure Loggers Pressure Logger with Internal Sensors for Differential Pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Extra Input Channels, with LCD.

Software and temperature probes

InfraLog for Windows Software Software for all D+K data loggers with many language options.

Temperature Probes We offer a broad range of termperature probes based on Pt100/Pt1000 sensors, thermistors or thermocouples.

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