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Data Logger DCXP

Long-term Measurements with the DCXP

The Driesen+Kern GmbH DataCollectorXP is a 16 channel data logger for a variety of probes and signals.
The robust device distinguishes itself with low current consumption which allows battery-powered long-term measurements for several years.
Besides the easy to use touch-screen the DataCollectorXP comes with a comprehensive and powerful software for controlling the device and downloading and analysing data. The software works on PCs, notebooks and tablets with Windows operating systems.
Two models are available that essentially vary in regard to the shape of their connectors: the DCXP and DCXP-R.

Datenlogger DCXP - Eingangsbuchsen mit Stecker

With the DCXP-R the probes are connected to flexible input sockets on the rear side whereas the DCXP's connecting sockets are on the top of the housing and are compatible with the "rugged" models DK660 and DK300.
Both the DCXP and the DCXP-R are available with either 8 or 16 inputs: DCXP8, DCXP16 and DCXP8-R and DCXP16-R.

Connectable Probes

Driesen+Kern GmbH offers a variety of probes such as PT100/PT1000 for temperature, strain gauges, transducers for pressure, force, radiation and air velocity for connection with the DataCollectorXP.
Using the DKCI/DKCU cables standard analog signals (0-1V/5V/10V4-20mA) can be connected. Refer to the DCXP, DCXP-R data sheet for our comprehensive range of probes.

· Research and development
· Process optimization
· Monitoring of environmental parameters
· Quality assurance
· Climate studies
· Building restoration