Data Loggers | Humidity Sensors | Temp. Sensors

Humidity and Temperature Sensors, Transducers, Data Loggers, Hand-held Instruments

Versatile Data Loggers Versatile Datalogger with 1-32 input channels. Internal sensors and external probes. Analog / Digital Signals and Temperature, Humdity, CO2, Barometric pressure.

Differential Pressure - logger and sensors Sensors, Transducers, Transmitters and dataloggers for Differential & Absolute Pressure

Barometer, Hygrometer, Thermometer Robust Loggers and Sensors for Barometric Pressure

Pressure Logger - Datalogger for absolute pressure Robust datalogger for pressure and temperature. For pipe networks, water and gas installation, with LCD display, for long-term monitoring

Waterlevel, Waterquality - Loggers and Probes Datalogger and Sensors/Probes for Waterquality, water-level. Long-Term, battery powered, GPRS solutions, wave monitoring

Temperature sensors and probes Sensors, Probes, Data Loggers, Temperature Strips, Thermocouple